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What is Her Safe Place?

Her Safe Place guarantees a safe environment for women as a minimum standard necessary to boost the human and business potential of companies.

Safe Environments for Women: Spaces and collective culture that promote physical and psychosocial safety and well-being. They are created by the community of collaborators, clients and visitors that consider the needs of men and women equally within an environment.

We are a Mexican venture with a global vision and an innovative methodology based on national and international references. Systematically, this certification incorporates criteria, policies and mechanisms to promote safe environments for women.

“Gender equality is a matter of effectiveness in the development, and not an issue of being politically correct or kind towards women.”

(World Bank, 2002)


In the making

A certificate that awards the commitment of carrying out institutional efforts to create safe environments for women and communities by incorporating the HSP standards in their criteria, policies and processes.

It is given at the beginning of the HSP or HSP-Concept Building certification process.

Distintivo 2

A certificate given to places of business and/or companies whose facilities, policies, processes and protocols offer safe environments for women and communities.

Concept Building

A certificate for facilities that incorporate accessibility and safety criteria in their design and construction to reduce the physical vulnerability of women and communities.


Organizational Culture

Hiring, training, permanence and promotion policies, general work conditions, etc.
Coexistence dynamics with a sense of community under the gender equality framework.

Safe service spaces

Prevention and care processes and protocols in case of medical emergencies, discrimination, sexual harassment and other illegal behaviors.

Design and equipment

Appropriate spaces that promote safety and the needs of all people equally. Design, accessibility, lighting, marking and ventilation with universal standards that provide safety. Surveillance devices and equipment that support the processes and protocols.

Collective culture

The implementation of a new safety collective narrative in which we are all aware and trained to take action in situations that disrupt the stability and coexistence, which vary from medical emergencies to illegal actions.

Our commitment

To boost the competitiveness and development potential of companies by integrating gender perspective into their organizational culture, services, facilities and procedures.

General benefits for companies

Benefits for companies

  • More productivity of the human capital
  • Added value to their client care processes.
  • A distinguishing factor for service companies
  • An increased client trust by offering safe environments in the facilities
  • An increased client loyalty
  • The discouragement of reprehensible behaviors in the places of business

Benefits for public institutions

  • Becoming an example institution for the promotion of gender equality from their triple function as public policy makers, role models and employers
  • A better quality of citizen service
  • An increased citizen trust by offering safe spaces in their facilities.
  • Greater commitment for public officials.
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